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Latest ReviewThis soap is made from natural ingredients that are very kind to the skin even suitable for sensitive skin. The smell is just wonderful and it is...
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BathLife [Link]

Hush |

Blue House Soaps [Link]

Beer Shampoo Bar | Pink Grapefruit SB | Tea Tree & Lemon SB |

CCrafters (Karess Krafters) [Link]

Beer Shampoo Bar |

Chagrin Valley Soap and Craft Company [Link]

Babassu & Marsh Mallow | Coconut Milk | Extra Honey Beer and Egg | Olive Babassu | Summer Sunshine |

Cheeky Maiden Soap [Link]

Tea Tree Shampoo Bar |

Country Soaps by Marlene [Link]

Unscented beer shampoo bar |

Dragonís Den [Link]

Honey Almond |

Dreamseeds Organics [Link]

Exotic Wild Mane | Wild Mane |

DressGreen [Link]

Calming and Clarifying Green Tree Facial Cream | Rosemary Peppermint | Sweet Orange | unDressed |

Earth Muffin [Link]

Unscented shampoo bar |

Faith in Nature [Link]

Faith in Nature Chocolate Soap |

Handmade Soap Bar [Link]

Lavender & Herb Soap Bar | Oatmeal Soap | Shea Butter Vanilla Soap Bar | Unscented Soap |

In Love with Bodycare [Link]

Karen's Body Beautiful [Link]

Bodacious Beauty Bar (Shampoo Bar) - Juicy |

Organix South [Link]

Theraneem Maximum Strength Sweet Orange & Ylang Ylang Botanical Cleansing Bar |

Scentsible World [Link]

Babassu Herbal Silk |

Sweet Creek Herbs [Link]

Chamomile Ylang Ylang | Eucalyptus | Green Herbal | Lavender Shea | Marshmallow Root | Marshmallow Root Honey Almond | Marshmallow Root, the scented variety |